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Project Status Analysis

Organizations are often unsure about a project and wonder, ‘Are we doing the right project?’ or ‘Are we doing the project right?’. The Project Management Professional Consulting Group can answer those questions. A PMPCG project management consultant will conduct a rapid analysis of the project including debriefing the acting project manager and other major stakeholders and analysis of the project documentation and organizational processes. The PMPCG consultant will then give a brief report on the findings with recommendations.

Project Recovery

A PMPCG consultant will review the project status, analyse the contributing factors, and recommend the way forward to senior management. This process provides the client management several options. 

  • Rely on PMPCG for project recovery consulting
  • Utilize a PMPCG interim Project Manager to regain the project health and schedule
  • A PMPCG Project Manager can act as adviser or mentor to the client project team

Develop a Dedicated Project Management System and Process

Organizations often prefer to utilize their own procedures and processes. One that reflects their own culture, terminology and methods of working. This approach is beneficial as it reduces the impact of change when introducing a project methodology. Some organizations prefer more than a project management methodology: opting for management and technical methodology that may even cover the pre-sale to post sale processes and decisions. This is quite common in software development and energy service organizations. The Project Management Professional Consultant will work with you to develop the Project Methodology that you require. the Project Management Professional Consultant will assist you in the selection of suitable tools and techniques to support the methodology. Wherever possible this will be a very much an advisory approach by PMPCG so that the procedures and processes are owned by the client and evolve as the client learns and understand more.

Project Management Office (PMO)

A Proven method of introducing a new approach to projects across an organization is to form a Project Management Office (PMO). Another situation where a PMO can be very useful is when an organization is short of expert resources. In these situations the PMO can then become a center of excellence to be called upon when its expertise is required and a center that ensure that the projects follow the client’s standard methods of working. The Project Management Professional Consulting Group will design  a project management office for your company. PMPCG will provide interim staff and assist you in selecting your own team to staff the PMO. The Project Management Professional Consulting Group will then work with your team to coach, mentor, train and develop them so that they are capable of  managing the PMO as soon as possible. The PMO is also known in some organizations as the Project Office (PO) or the Project and Programme Office (PPO).